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CISO Masterminds Is a Carefully Curated Community of Cybersecurity Executives Focused on Professional Development, Networking, and Diving Deep into the Industry’s Most Vital Topics

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Peer Learning | Gain cutting-edge insights into the latest trends and best practices

Connection | Meet successful CISOs from top organizations to expand your network

Strategy | Collaborate with your peers to explore and address our industry’s greatest challenges

Executive Development | Enhance your business acumen and learn essential leadership skills


Upcoming and Past Events

Upcoming Event:
Hollywood, FL

The Diplomat Beach Resort
February 28 - March 1, 2024
Hollywood, Florida

About Event
At the CISO Masterminds Hollywood, Florida event, you’ll hear from industry experts during keynote talks and dive deep into vital cybersecurity questions during breakout sessions.

You’ll also have the chance to get to know other attendees socially over dinner, drinks, and throughout the Harbor dinner cruise and sightseeing expedition.


Past Event:
Washington, DC

Hyatt House Washington DC
September 27 – 29, 2023

Washington, DC

About Event
At the CISO Masterminds Washington, DC event, we heard from industry experts during keynote talks and participated in breakout sessions in which we did a deep dive into vital cybersecurity questions.

We also enjoyed networking over dinner, drinks, and throughout the private "after hours" Sightseeing Expedition to the US Capitol Building.

Past Event:

Baha Mar Resort & Casino
February 6th & 7th 2023
Nassau, Bahamas

About Event
At the CISO Masterminds, Bahamas event we assembled security leadership from legal, healthcare, finance and the fortune 500 to discuss how to effectively communicate cyber risk to boards and executives.

We enjoyed great speakers, dining events and a rum tour excursion to a historic island distillery that was founded in 1789.

What Makes CISO Masterminds Different?

CISO Masterminds is a vetted community of cybersecurity executives. We come together two or three times each year at our summit events to explore the most salient topics and challenges facing cybersecurity leaders—with a level of focus that large conferences simply can’t achieve.

We keep CISO Masterminds events intentionally intimate, inviting only those who have served in leadership positions. At our events, they learn from keynote speakers, collaborate with their peers, expand their networks, develop leadership skills, and have fun!

Ciso Masterminds cyber security event in Bahamas

CISO Members

Randy Clay
Former CISO
Old National Bank

“I would definitely make sure that any CISO who gets this invitation in the future would definitely be open to coming to this. I will be coming to this in
the future as well.”

Marc Helfman
Head of Cybersecurity

“What I like about this conference is the intimacy of it. It’s much more connected to people, and my peers, in different industries and exchanging ideas. I’d much prefer something like this than a large conference, such as an RSA conference, where you kind of get lost in the weeds and you have a lot of other events going on. This one is more focused on the topics at hand that are really facing our industry right now.”

Mark Fitzgerald
Investors Bank

“I really think this kind of session is much more beneficial than attending
industry conferences or vendor- sponsored conferences because we’re really interacting between all of us and sharing information, and that really doesn’t happen at other conferences. So, I’m really looking forward to being included in future CISO Masterminds events.”

Dotan Akvia
Chief Information & Security Officer
Certilman Balin

“I’m excited to connect with more people in the industry, forming new friendships, and basically being able to use those great experts as my resource. And I really look forward to coming back to the next one.”

Jeffrey Vinson
Harris Health
Drew Brown
Federal Aviation Administration

What to expect from a CISO Masterminds event

Every CISO Masterminds event is an opportunity to learn, connect with industry experts, expand your network, and improve both your technical knowledge and leadership skills. 

You’ll learn during the day, attending keynote talks from leaders in the field and partaking in in-depth discussions where we pool our collective knowledge. Then you’ll enjoy fine dining and socializing in the evening, along with a fun excursion that highlights what our chosen location has to offer.
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Meet the Founder

Jason Starr is the Senior Director of cybersecurity services for a top 10 accounting firm, where he drives success for the firm’s Managed Defense and Advisory Services divisions. After many years of attending large conferences that broadly targeted cybersecurity workers at all levels of expertise, he realized there was a gap in the industry.

“Many conferences have great speakers, vendor events often include fine dining and excursions, and many industry organizations have a community feel where leaders can feel safe sharing information and ideas,” says Jason. “However, very few are bringing this all together in a fun and exciting way that is tailored specifically for executives.”

CISO Masterminds is a one-of-a-kind event, carefully curated to build connections among seasoned cybersecurity professionals and leaders in the field.

Ciso Masterminds cyber security event in Bahamas

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You can attend any CISO Masterminds summit event once we’ve chatted with you and determined you’re a good fit. At that point, you can experience an event, connect with the community, and learn from your highly accomplished peers. 

Once you’ve tapped into the community and discovered what we have to offer, you’ll want to consider becoming a member. Membership comes with a whole host of benefits, including:

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Membership in CISO Masterminds can open countless doors, helping you strategize, network, and grow as a cybersecurity leader—taking your talents and your career to the next level. 

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